Giulia, passionate about math since childhood, arrived in France in 2007 to build a career as a Data Scientist before her time.

In 2008 she found love in Jordan, a strong partner in every way.

It was with his encouragement that she followed her passion to Singapore, to work at MIT on an urban behavioral modeling project.

Back in France after this very rewarding experience, Giulia left academic research to join the business world as a Data Scientist consultant.

During her career, she has identified major issues related to documentation difficulties, to which she wishes to provide an answer.

Since the end of 2019, with the constant and strong support of Jordan, she has been trained in entrepreneurship and they have worked together to create DSforDS, of which they are CEO and CoFounder.

Giulia is also in charge of the development of ConfidIA and the TutoForAll offer.

In 2021 Charlotte joined the team, making available her prospecting and marketing talents.

A full stack web developer, on a work-study basis, develops the ConfidIA interface.

Our values

At DSforDS we are convinced that the world of tomorrow can be better, if we choose to use AI and technological developments to help humanity better coordinate and distribute resources.

We are also convinced that a poorly mastered technology will not achieve this objective and that this increases the risk of installation of algocracy.

Motivated by a strong ethical spirit and a real desire to contribute to the building of tomorrow, DSforDS wishes to make AI accessible to as many people as possible!